SYNOPSIS > ACT I: The Nightmare That Haunts You
General William Howe is married but no kids of his own.  He starts off having nightmares about the Headless Horseman before he goes to Boston.  He then told Tom Phillips about the nightmares and then he told John Andre about it, too.  Then again, the nightmares came back to haunt him.  Howe found out about three women killed and ten more were also killed by the unknown killer (or was it the headless horseman?).  The dark figure known as Evil Howe plans on capturing Howe and causing the nightmares.  Howe and Clinton seems not to be getting alone, even Howe tries to tell Clinton about the dreams and Clinton won’t believe him.  And then, John Phillips found out about the nightmares.



The Cast of Sleepy Hollow

The Main Cast 

Major General William “Sir Billy” Howe

Lt. Thomas “Tom” Phillips

Captain John Phillips

Major General Henry Clinton

Corp. John Hampton

Lt. Bryan Johnson

Featuring Cast

Headless Horseman

Evil General Sir William Howe, A . K . A Evil Howe (Known as the “Dark Figured man”)

Supporting Cast

Captain John Andre

21st Century Cast

Brittney Lee Howe

Michelle Sue-Anne Howe

Jake Howe

Michael “Mike” Phillips

Joey Phillips

Sarah Hampton

Robert Johnson


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